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Type of card:Art Card
No of cards:40
Print Cost:£15
Bags and Envelopes:£8
Post & packaging:£3
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Print 40 Greetings cards for £35
Example prices
No of CardsA6 PostcardsGreetings Cards
Greetings cards
140 x 140
and envelopes
40£25£35£4012.5p each
80£32£60£7012.5p each
Print up to 8 different images with each order.

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How it WorksFrequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions about printing please get in touch using the form below
Or send an email to
Telephone: 0757 0747 526.

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How to use the Dashboard

1. Upload an image into the Image Dashboard
When you upload your image, you will see a small version of your picture in the Dashboard
You can use the dashboard to enlarge your image up to 4 times the original size.
We recommend using our dashboard for resizing
We have special techniques to avoid pixelation.

2. Select the Paper-type
The Matt Plus 240gsm paper is excellent for most prints and is also the most economical.
If you have a special requirement, you can see more information about each paper
by going to the Quick Price Calculator and clicking the name of the paper.
Let us know if you need to see some paper samples.

3. Choosing a mount
If you already have a frame or know what size you want to use,
Use the Dashboard to select the mount size to fit the frame,
then resize the picture within the mount for best visual appearance.
All of the measurements will be calculated for you.
Now choose the colour of your mountboard.

4. White border
If you are buying a print without a mount, the White Border
is the amount of unprinted extra white paper that you need around the print.

5. Signature Strip
If you are using a mount, you may want to show a strip of white around the print.
The signature strip is so-called because it is where you can sign the print.
It usually works best to have slightly more signature strip at the bottom
than on the other 3 sides.

6. Bottom weighting
You may wish to have the bottom side of the mount slightly taller than the top side.
This is called Bottom Weighting.

7. Upload more images
You can now upload another image.
Each image will have its own dashboard

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Art Cards

UKGiclee Art Cards

We provide a way to print Art Cards in small quantities at affordable prices.
Our cards are printed on A3 sheets with 8 cards on each sheet.
When you set up the sheet, you can choose to have any combination of cards on the sheet, for example 8 cards all the same, 8 different cards or any combination
When you buy the cards, you choose how many sheets you want to be printed – and you will receive 8 cards for each sheet.

What size are the cards?

We trim the cards to A6 – i.e. 14.85cm x 10.5cm

What happens if the image is the wrong shape to fit the card?

Any images that are the wrong shape are automatically cropped so that they fit
Before you buy the cards, you can check what they will look like using the preview.

What does the Preview Button do?

The Preview will create a PDF file in a new tab showing you exactly what will be printed.

Art Cards - How it Works

Load your images into the Image Library

Click the UPLOAD button to load your images into your Image Library.
These images will be saved in the Library so that you can use them later.

Select the images to print

The next stage is to choose which images you want to print.
Select a Card by clicking one of the small thumbnail images above the Design Sheet.
Then choose an image for the card by dragging it from the Image Library and dropping it into the the Design Sheet.
You can choose up to 8 originals.
If you want to change an image, just drop another one on top.

Entering text for the reverse of the card

When you have chosen an image for the card, you can add text to the reverse.
Click the Add Text to Reverse button
A new screen will pop up and you can type in text for the headers and footers as well as some free text to be printed on the card.
Note that the Header and Footer texts are printed in fixed positions on the card.
After you have typed the text, click the Refresh Preview button to see how it will appear on the card.
You can type what you like in the Headers and Footers even though it suggests Artist Name, Title etc.
We recommend that you use the Free Text sparingly to leave a message to be written on the back of the card.
Click Exit to finish.

Fitting or cropping the image

You can decide, for each card how you want the image to appear on the card.
Tick Crop image to fit card if you want the image to be cut to the size of the card
Untick the box if you prefer the image to be uncropped and placed within a white border.

Placing an order

When you place your order, you need to say how many sets of cards you want to print.
Remember, there are 8 cards per set so, for example, 10 set is 80 cards.

Preparing your images?

If your cards are to be printed at A6 (150mm x 105mm) the resolution should ideally be around 1800 x 1000mm
but we can crop larger images and enlarge smaller ones if required.
If the images are a different shape to the cards, they will be cropped to fit.
If you are unsure about the quality of your images, you can upload them and then email us to
ask for the images to be checked for quality before you place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the benefit of printing with
Our aim at UKGiclee is to give artists the means to print short runs of Cards, Fine-Art Prints or Books at very affordable prices.
What is Short-Run Printing Short-Run Printing is the process of printing small numbers of printed items such as Cards, Prints or Books.
This is normally expensive because of the set-up costs.
Why it so affordable to print with UKGiclee compared to other printers? We use special software to simplify and reduce the cost of the printer-setup and printing processes.
Why do I need to register? When you register, we create an Image Library so that you can upload and save your images.
Why do I need an Image Library Once you have loaded your images to your Image Library, they are saved for you so that you can sign in and access them at any time.
What size are the Art Cards? You decide if you want the cards to be unfolded A6 postcards – 105mm x 115mm
or folding Greetings cars which can be A6 or 145mm square.
Can I print text on the back of the cards? Yes – once you have chosen an image, you can add text to the reverse of the cards.
If you choose a greetings card, a small image is also printed on the back of the card.
Folded Greetings cards are always blank on the inside.
How long does it take to print the cards? The cards will be printed and despatched within two working days.
What if I have questions? You can get in touch by email at any time or, if you prefer, we can arrange for you to speak to somebody about your printing.
If I’m not sure, can somebody check before I decide to print? You can register and try uploading some images and then contact us by email to get some help.
Can the images in the Printer Set be the same? You can print from up to 8 original images at a time.
They can be the same or different.
What happens if my image is a different shape to A6? Ideally, your images will be in proportion to the A6 card size.
But if the image is a different shape to the card you can decide if you want us to resize and crop the image – or – we can reduce the image to fit inside the card without cropping – and then we add a white border. 
How do I order my cards? When you have chose the cards to print, select how many cards you printed and then go to the checkout and pay for your order.

You can also buy Cellophane bags and envelopes
The number of bags and envelopes can be different from the number of cards.
Can I see a proof before I print? We can send you a PDF proof before we print the cards – just send an email to
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