Photography and 35mm Scanning
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To produce high-quality Giclee prints, you should aim to have high-quality jpg images.
Some artists get good results from a smart-phone camera, particularly if the colour matching isn’t essential.
It should be remembered that some pigments cannot be accurately reproduced if they fall outside the digital colour spectrum.

We can photograph your paintings in our Shrewsbury studio under studio lighting and with screen calibration software to produce high quality digital versions of your artwork.

We charge £35 to photograph and colour correct a single image and we offer significant discounts for photographs of multiple paintings taken during the same session.
We can also produce digital images from 35mm slides.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.
Art Cards

UKGiclee Art Cards

We provide a way to print Art Cards in small quantities at affordable prices.
Our cards are printed on A3 sheets with 8 cards on each sheet.
When you set up the sheet, you can choose to have any combination of cards on the sheet, for example 8 cards all the same, 8 different cards or any combination
When you buy the cards, you choose how many sheets you want to be printed – and you will receive 8 cards for each sheet.

What size are the cards?

We trim the cards to A6 – i.e. 14.85cm x 10.5cm

What happens if the image is the wrong shape to fit the card?

Any images that are the wrong shape are automatically cropped so that they fit
Before you buy the cards, you can check what they will look like using the preview.

What does the Preview Button do?

The Preview will create a PDF file in a new tab showing you exactly what will be printed.

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