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Choosing a Mount

It will normally be cheaper if you cut a mount to match your frame rather than making a frame to fit your mount.
When you upload your image to UKGiclee, you will be able to resize both the image and the mount.

The best approach is to choose the size of mount (Frame) and then adjust the image until it looks right.
If you see a red line appear around the mount, it means that the mount is too small

What is the size of a frame?

The size of a frame is always given as the size of the glass that fits into the frame (including the bit that you can’t see).
It is not the outer dimensions of the frame itself.
So when you are ordering a mount, the size of the mount should always be equal to the size given for the frame
– because it fits into the same place as the glass.
There are a number of options in UKGiclee relating to mounts…

1. No Mount

If you choose to have no mount, your print will be printed with a 20mm white border in addition to your chosen print-size.
You can add more border to the print and you will only be charged for the extra paper – not as if it were a larger print.

2. Standard Size Frames

The cheapest option is to use a Standard sized, ready-made frame. Ready-made frames are measured in either mm or Inches.
Frame shops will have a selection of standard sizes and these sizes are reflected in UKGiclee when you choose your mount.
Find the frame size in the mount options in UKGiclee and then adjust the size of the image for an
aesthetic balance of mountboard to image size.

3. Custom size frame

You may already have a frame that is a non-standard size – particulary if you are an artist and want to reuse a frame.
In this case, select Custom Size in UKGiclee and enter the size of the frame (the size of the glass).
You can then use UKGiclee to adjust the size of the image for an aesthetic balance of mountboard to image size.

Bottom Weighting

Bottom weighting is used to add a small amount of extra width at the bottom of a mount. This is to compensate for an optical illusion which can make the bottom of a mount look narrower than the other sides. You may also want to add Bottom Weighting for aesthetic reasons. There is no rule about this and you should decide purely on the aesthetic appearance of your picture – which you can visualize in the Preview Screen in the Dashboard

Signature strip

You may already have a frame that is a non-standard size – particulary if you are an artist and want to reuse a frame.
In this case, select Custom Size in UKGiclee and enter the size of the frame (the size of the glass).
You can then use UKGiclee to adjust the size of the image for an aesthetic balance of mountboard to image size.

Image Size and Quality

Pixels and image size

Most image files are produced on a normal digital camera or digital scanner.
The JPG image will have a width and a height measured in pixels which are essentially coloured dots.
When you print your image, the more pixels you have, the better the quality.

How do you know if you have enough pixels in your JPG file?

When you upload your picture to UKGiclee, we start by choosing a size for your print based on 300 dots per inch.
So, for example, if you upload an image that is 1800 pixels by 1200 pixels, the inital size will be 6 inches by 4 inches (150mm x 100 mm).

What happens if you enlarge your picture with UKGiclee

You can use UKGiclee to enlarge your picture up to 4 times the original size
We use a process called resampling to produce the best possible image at any size.
Resampling is a digital technique which increases the size of the picture and inserts extra dots to avoid any pixelation
The table below gives an indication of the quality of print you can expect if you resize your picture with UKGiclee.

Original size
@300 dpi

Photo Quality

A Perfect reproduction of your image.



Almost impossible to see any difference from a Photo-Quality image.


Very High Quality

Only an expert could spot the difference from Photo quality


Very Good:

There might be some slight lack of sharpness on small lettering and fine lines



Very acceptable images for poster/display applications



OK from a distance – may lack contrast when close up.

Editing image files

If you need to edit or crop your image file using an editor such as Photoshop,
make sure that you save the new JPG image at the highest possible quality.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about printing please get in touch using the form below
Or send an email to
Telephone: 0757 0747 526.

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How to use the Dashboard

1. Upload an image into the Image Dashboard
When you upload your image, you will see a small version of your picture in the Dashboard
You can use the dashboard to enlarge your image up to 4 times the original size.
We recommend using our dashboard for resizing
We have special techniques to avoid pixelation.

2. Select the Paper-type
The Matt Plus 240gsm paper is excellent for most prints and is also the most economical.
If you have a special requirement, you can see more information about each paper
by going to the Quick Price Calculator and clicking the name of the paper.
Let us know if you need to see some paper samples.

3. Choosing a mount
If you already have a frame or know what size you want to use,
Use the Dashboard to select the mount size to fit the frame,
then resize the picture within the mount for best visual appearance.
All of the measurements will be calculated for you.
Now choose the colour of your mountboard.

4. White border
If you are buying a print without a mount, the White Border
is the amount of unprinted extra white paper that you need around the print.

5. Signature Strip
If you are using a mount, you may want to show a strip of white around the print.
The signature strip is so-called because it is where you can sign the print.
It usually works best to have slightly more signature strip at the bottom
than on the other 3 sides.

6. Bottom weighting
You may wish to have the bottom side of the mount slightly taller than the top side.
This is called Bottom Weighting.

7. Upload more images
You can now upload another image.
Each image will have its own dashboard

Confirm Order
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Your prints will be printed and despatched to your business address.

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Art Cards

UKGiclee Art Cards

We provide a way to print Art Cards in small quantities at affordable prices.
Our cards are printed on A3 sheets with 8 cards on each sheet.
When you set up the sheet, you can choose to have any combination of cards on the sheet, for example 8 cards all the same, 8 different cards or any combination
When you buy the cards, you choose how many sheets you want to be printed – and you will receive 8 cards for each sheet.

What size are the cards?

We trim the cards to A6 – i.e. 14.85cm x 10.5cm

What happens if the image is the wrong shape to fit the card?

Any images that are the wrong shape are automatically cropped so that they fit
Before you buy the cards, you can check what they will look like using the preview.

What does the Preview Button do?

The Preview will create a PDF file in a new tab showing you exactly what will be printed.

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