Portfolio Books

Portfolio Books
Produce a Portfolio book of your work
For more info...
email: steve@ukgiclee.co.uk

Portfolio Books

A Portfolio Book is a full-colour paperback book which presents a collection of an artist’s work.
These are particularly useful for exhibitions and promotions.
Once the book is set up for printing, they cost less to produce than a small Giclee print.

They are made to a fixed format...
210 x 210 mm
Perfect Bound (paperback)
Full Colour
48-pages including...
20 image pages with 20 caption pages
150 gsm silk coated paper

First we set up the book - ready for printing
You will need to provide 20 high-res images with captions along with an artist statement or introduction.
We will lay out the book and send you a PDF proof for your approval.
Once approved, we will print and send you a printed proof copy.
The cost of laying out the book and producing the printed proof copy is only £120.

You are now ready to order your books
You can now order as many or as few books as you like whenever you like.
We print the books for you at £4.50 per copy.
And deliver them to you by courier - the delivery cost is £8.50 per order.

More information
Look inside some books at artcircusbooks.co.uk/portfolio-books

If you would like to know more about Portfolio Books
Hardback Artist Books or other Art-Circus Publications,
please get in touch.
email: steve@ukgiclee.co.uk

Art Cards

UKGiclee Art Cards

We provide a way to print Art Cards in small quantities at affordable prices.
Our cards are printed on A3 sheets with 8 cards on each sheet.
When you set up the sheet, you can choose to have any combination of cards on the sheet, for example 8 cards all the same, 8 different cards or any combination
When you buy the cards, you choose how many sheets you want to be printed – and you will receive 8 cards for each sheet.

What size are the cards?

We trim the cards to A6 – i.e. 14.85cm x 10.5cm

What happens if the image is the wrong shape to fit the card?

Any images that are the wrong shape are automatically cropped so that they fit
Before you buy the cards, you can check what they will look like using the preview.

What does the Preview Button do?

The Preview will create a PDF file in a new tab showing you exactly what will be printed.

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