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Art Cards

UKGiclee Art Cards

We provide a way to print Art Cards in small quantities at affordable prices.
Our cards are printed on A3 sheets with 8 cards on each sheet.
When you set up the sheet, you can choose to have any combination of cards on the sheet, for example 8 cards all the same, 8 different cards or any combination
When you buy the cards, you choose how many sheets you want to be printed – and you will receive 8 cards for each sheet.

What size are the cards?

We trim the cards to A6 – i.e. 14.85cm x 10.5cm

What happens if the image is the wrong shape to fit the card?

Any images that are the wrong shape are automatically cropped so that they fit
Before you buy the cards, you can check what they will look like using the preview.

What does the Preview Button do?

The Preview will create a PDF file in a new tab showing you exactly what will be printed.

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How to use the Gallery Manager

The Gallery Manager is used to upload your prints and set the prices.

As soon as you upload a print, it will be available for sale in the UKGiclee print gallery at 

How Much does it cost?

There is nothing to pay.

When you sell a print, UKGiclee charge for the cost of the print plus 15% of the profit as a a commission.
The rest is paid to you.

Your Sale-Prices must be high enough to cover the print cost and Royalty.

Royalty Example

If a print is sold for £40 and it costs £6 to print, we charge £6 for printing and £6 commission – so you receive £28.

Print Sizes?

When you upload an image, we calculate three print sizes…

The Small Print Size is calculated from the size of your image file assuming it is to be printed at 300dpi.
The Large Print is initially twice the area of the Small print.
The Canvas Print is initially four times the area of the Small print.
So, for example, if your Small Print Size is A4, The Large Print Size will be A3 and the Canvas Print will be A2.

Setting the prices

When you upload an image a form will appear where you can set the Sale Prices for each sizeSizes.
When you change the Sale Price, you will see your Royalty change.

Changing the Print Sizes

To change a print size, just change one of the dimensions – the other dimension will change in proportion.

Paper Samples

If you would like some paper samples, please send an email to

Signed Limited Editions

If your prints are signed limited editions, we will ship the print to you and you will need to sign and forward the print to your customer.

Gallery Print Options
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